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Multilingual Anti-Racism Posters - DETAILS

South Asian Seniors Support (SASS)

Started as a social group for South Asian seniors to meet and share experiences, the groups also engage in wellness activities such as Yoga, meditation, health information sharing, planning recreational activities (social trips or picnics).

The groups meet monthly to chat and connect with each other and have also developed as a support system.

The groups are open for both men and women and have representation from diverse groups who speak different languages.

Advanced care planning Hindi and Punjabi resources:

South Asian Seniors Potluck meets every Last Friday of the month. To register email or call us at (519) 252 7447.

Seniors Get Together Pictures - Click here to view pictures of our seniors at the Get Together.

To view our South Asian Wellness Hub Youtube, click on the link below:

Wellness Hub Link

Click the link below to access our community page, where you'll find a wealth of helpful resources explained in a way that's easy to understand: Community Resources Page

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