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May 2024 Monthly Calendar of Activities - DETAILS

South Asian Health Information Services (SAHiS)

This program was launched by South Asian Centre of Windsor to increase awareness about the common health issues affecting South Asian communities in Windsor. 

  • We provide information and access to health care services in the community such as finding a physician who speaks their language and understands their culture. 
  • We carry out research on the emerging needs within the South Asian community and the findings of the study are used to develop culturally and linguistically appropriate health education resources for the community and the health care providers.
  • We collaborate with a wide range of community groups, faith-based organizations, policy experts and academic institutions to address and advocate for health inequities that impact South Asians and other racialized communities.
  • We organize outreach initiatives, forums and health fairs to bring the community together and to enhance well-being of individuals, their families and the community of Windsor.

Current Projects

  • South Asian Mental Health and Wellness Initiative: Supporting Communities Impacted by Covid-19.
  • Health Information Services for South Asians during Covid-19.
Click the link below to access our community page, where you'll find a wealth of helpful resources explained in a way that's easy to understand: Community Resources Page

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Benefits of Healthy Lifestyle:

Enhanced Immune Function:

Regular exercise supports a robust immune system, reducing the likelihood of infections and illnesses in seniors.

Emotional Resilience:

Physical activity helps seniors manage stress, build emotional resilience, and maintain a positive outlook on life, contributing to improved mental health.

Enhanced Balance and Coordination:

Incorporating exercises that focus on balance and coordination helps seniors maintain physical stability, preventing falls and related injuries.

Social Engagement:

Group exercise classes or activities provide seniors with opportunities for social interaction, reducing feelings of isolation and promoting a sense of belonging.

Cognitive Resilience:

Engaging in regular physical activity supports cognitive resilience, helping seniors maintain mental sharpness, memory, and the ability to focus as they age.

Upcoming Events

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