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April 2024 Monthly Calendar of Activities - DETAILS


February 21, 2024

On February 14, 2024, Windsor Police Service’s Financial Crimes Unit announced that Dr. Sushil Jain, former President, and Director of the South Asian Centre for Windsor (SACW), was arrested and charged with fraud, money laundering, and possession of property obtained by crime. The charges stem from an investigation into missing SACW funds.
The news has shocked and deeply disappointed all of us at the SACW, as Dr. Jain was a respected member of our community. The SACW discovered financial irregularities following Dr. Jain’s resignation as SACW’s President on April 13, 2023. The matter was reported to the Windsor Police when Dr. Jain refused to cooperate and provide an accounting for the missing funds. Dr. Jain resigned as Director of the SACW Board. The Board also removed and replaced its Treasurer. The SACW is determined to recover any misappropriated funds.
The SACW has implemented new financial controls to prevent any future financial misconduct, including new bylaws that require two Board appointed signatories for every cheque or contract made on the SACW’s behalf and Board approval for the opening of any SACW bank account. Our supporters, funding partners and members of the public should be reassured by the new strong team of Directors with broad expertise and experience that was appointed to the SACW Board. We look forward to guiding SACW through this challenging time and faithfully serving our community.
The SACW continues to serve the diverse needs of our growing community in Windsor-Essex. We are excited to launch our 5-year Strategic Plan which has been created with input from all stakeholders including our members and supporters. The Strategic Plan, which will be launched soon, outlines the SACW’s vision, mission and goals and puts SACW on a positive, forward-looking path to build growth and resilience.
With acknowledgment of the financial loss and challenges we are facing, we appreciate and extend our gratitude to all of our SACW supporters as we work together to rebuild and maintain our strong voice for the South Asian community.
Dr. Fazle Baki
South Asian Centre of Windsor
Tel: 519 252 7447
February 20, 2024

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