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May 2024 Monthly Calendar of Activities - DETAILS

Request for Proposal

August 5, 2023

                                                                                             REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (the “RFP”)

South Asian Centre of Windsor (‘South Asian Centre’) is inviting proposals from experienced consultants to facilitate and prepare a 5-year strategic plan.
The strategic plan will define a long-term vision with clearly defined priorities for growth and stability for the centre.

South Asian Centre of Windsor was established in 1986 with a mission to provide information, support, and referral services to members of the South Asian Community and to foster harmonious coexistence with all segments of Canadian society. With a rapid growth in the South Asian Community in the Windsor-Essex region, increase in needs from diverse communities within the South Asian community and the impact of Covid-19 on the organization’s resources ,the centre is looking at facilitating and engaging all stakeholders in developing a 5-year strategic plan to assess and adjust the organization’s direction and build resilience.

Consultant Qualifications and Role

The successful consultant must have an in-depth experience in strategic planning along with a strong understanding of the charitable sector, knowledge of diverse communities and understand the needs of a small, growing organization. The consultant must be able to facilitate the planning process, actively engage board members, staff, membership, community partners, funders, the larger community, and other stakeholders to help create a clear, concise, actionable, and measurable strategic plan. Overall, the objective in issuing this RFP is to obtain the best overall value, considering quality, service, cost, best fit and other relevant factors.

The proposal shall include the following:

1. Background information on your practice, your work with strategic planning, and your knowledge and experience in working with non-profits and charitable organizations.
2. A description of how you intend to accomplish this activity, including any ideas for enhancing or improving the organization’s efforts to undertake this process.
3. A draft timeline from initial planning until delivery of a completed written plan.
4. A draft estimate and full budget of what the entire activity will cost.
5. Provide a minimum of three (3) contact references from other clients.

The successful contractor agrees to enter a contract with the South Asian Centre of Windsor once the scope and terms of the project have been defined and agreed upon.

Time Frame: Sept 2023 to Dec 2023
Budget: The total budget will not exceed $10,000 including HST

The deadline for submission is August 28, 2023, 5 PM
Please email proposals to the Hiring Committee at
Questions Regarding the RFP can be emailed to


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